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Top 3 Face Mask Recipes For Winter Skin

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Ok, quick question.

If you opened your fridge right now, what would you find hiding in the back?

Maybe a handful of soft berries left in a basket, a couple of lonely bruised apples rolling around in the drawer? There might be a half empty container of yogurt chilling in the back, just a few days past its "best before" date?

If you do, don't you worry. I am very pleased to tell you that there is a use for those things. They are perfect for mixing your own...face masks!

Here are my top 3 face mask recipes for winter skin:

First, you'll need:

- small mixing bowl

- table spoon

- cotton pad

- mask brush (best to use synthetic bristles - it's able to keep its shape after washing)

- mortar + pestle (optional, you can use a fork to mash the fruits)

- seasonal fruits: kiwi, pomegranate...and fermented grape juice (a.k.a. wine) -well, this might be an all season "fruit". ;)

Now, let's tackle some WINTER SKIN issues, shall we?

1. Dehydrated, Flaky and Acne Skin: 🥝 🍯 🍦

- 1 / 2 x Kiwi (make sure they are very ripe)

*Researchers have found that as the fruit ripens, the antioxidant level increase as well - due to the breakdown of chlorophyll. You will get more skincare benefits from the ripe kiwis!

- 1 tbs x Raw Honey (vegan option: agave)

- 1 tbs x Yogurt (vegan option: coconut yogurt)

2. Dry, Tired and Dull Skin: 🍵 🍫 🍯

- 1 tbs x Green Tea (steeped - loose leaves or 1 tea bag )

*In the photos, I used a green tea with added roasted brown rice, for extra softening benefits, but a simple green tea (loose leaves or tea bag) will work great too.

- 1 tbs x Cocoa Powder

- 1 tbs x Raw Honey (vegan option: agave)

3. Fatigued, Scarred and Hyper-Pigmented Skin: 🍒 🍷

- 2 tbs x Pomegranate

*Opened, separated and carefully mashed in a mortar + pestle - or mash with a fork, but you can also use pomegranate juice. This could get a bit messy and might stain lighter clothing, so make sure to do it slowly.

- 2 tbs x Red Wine

*This is a good opportunity to use up the bit of wine left over from last week...or a great excuse to open a new bottle and while you're at it, pour yourself a glass!


- If you have sensitive skin, you can add 1 tbs of yogurt (or coconut yogurt) as a buffer. 

- This mask might go on easier with a cotton pad, rather than a mask brush. 

- Your skin will look almost pore less, but it will feel tight, so make sure to moisturize your skin afterwards. 


Wasn't this fun? 

Nothing goes to waste and your skin is glowing. Win, win. Marie Kondo would be very proud.

Our skin needs a bit of love and attention, especially during these cold, dark winter days. Enjoy!


💛 Narae


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