Q: So, What is Monoï?

To the untrained ear, Monoï (pronounced: mah-noy) might just sound like a delicious tropical ice cream flavor, but in ancient Tahitian, it really means "scented oil"...and monoï oil is just that - a romantically scented oil. 

"What is Monoï?", is a question we get asked a lot. So, we decided to breakdown the process for you in a fun diagram we made with paper cut-outs!

Monoï oil is made by soaking the petals of Tiaré flowers in refined coconut oil. You know the pretty white flowers that are usually used for leis (flower necklaces) or for wearing behind the ear? Well, they are also known as the Tahitian Gardenias. Monoï oil was used to soften and protect hair and skin from harsh sun rays, insects and salt water. This is a 2,000 year old technique that has been perfected through the ages.

For the picture diagram, you can follow along below. 👇😉

We hope this helped to explain a little more about this exotic ingredient. We were inspired by our Tahitian Monoï Mud face masque to create our new haircare line, Mèr-Mèr Monoï and we hope your mermaid hair dreams will come true...

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