Changing to Mèr-Mèr Monoï

#TheProductsFormerlyKnownAsMermaidMonoi  ✌️😜 

We followed the footsteps of the late Prince (The Love Symbol or The Artist Formerly Known as Prince) and changed the name of our haircare line...

When we launched Mermaid Monoï, we were approached by a perfume brand who had an issue with us using the word "Mermaid", claiming their sole right to use the word. Though their claim is questionable, we grew tired of their bully ways. So, to avoid future migraines, we decided to change the word and completely wash them out of our hair. ;) It all worked out for us in the end - we swiftly went back to the drawing board and came up something we LOVE a lot!

So, how did we come up with Mèr-Mèr Monoï (Pronounced: Mare-Mare Mah-noy)? To explain, we formulated a fun little word equation:

Mermaid = Mother (mère) of the Sea (mer), we combined mère and mer and we got mèr. We then doubled it, because we're big fans of Tintin and because one mermaid is never enough! Also, the word 'Maremare', in Tahitian means sparkling, as the salt water at nightWe'd like to imagine Mèr-Mèr Monoï to be the name of a mystical maiden, flowing beneath the waves. 

The good news is that we will be extending our Gift With Purchases for all Mèr-Mèr Monoï pre-orders! This includes, The Mystic Hair Kit (receive a free Artifact Girls are Mermaids t-shirt) and for any individual Mèr-Mèr Monoï products (receive a free Honey Marshmallow lip masque), until quantities last. You can check them out here

Same products, slightly different name, but still Bottled By Mermaids! It feels great to finally have these products come to life after a year of developing and formulating. Now we can't wait to get these products in your hair!

Thank you all for your patience and support, it really means a lot.


Narae + Elie (Founders) xo

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